Frequently asked questions

This FAQ will be expanded with answers to questions that are posed often about Javelin. For general information on the game please check this post.

1. Are there going to be more than 4 classes in the game?

The problem with using traditional d20 character classes is that every class has many distinct features, sometimes at pretty much every level so it’s a terrible amount of work, especially considering how some of these can be quite complicated (from barbarian rage to bard music). So it’s usually easier to create something as an individual upgrade, like sneak attack from the rogue class and let the player create their own characters as they level up.

Of course I’d love to have all the d20 classes in the game but it’s not something that I can do on my own or without help or funding right now. Here is an example of how “simple” you average d20 class can be.

Frequently asked questions

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