Javelin 1.5

Greetings berserkers and strategists alike,

Today Javelin 1.5 is being released, it’s a bug-fix release with some minor patches for reported bugs, one or two of which could spoil your adventure mid-game. These seem to be the last (mildly) serious issues so unless something else comes up 1.6 should be a feature release once again – a few new spells and locations are already planned! I’d like to thank everyone who has reported bugs and general feedback recently, in special Greg for his outstanding contributions and follow-ups and Matthew who is just now joining the project in a best-effort QA capacity!

Download 1.5 here https://github.com/tukkek/javelin/releases/download/1.5/javelin.zip

More information on the game https://javelinrl.wordpress.com/2016/04/29/hello-world/

Since the release of 1.3 a week ago Javelin has had over 400 downloads and this site received close to 3000 unique visitors, over 30 comments, almost 20 shares and approximately 200 upvotes on reddit. Thank you all for taking an interest in the game and for all the positive feedback! I’m glad you like the new direction taken with these last releases!

Javelin 1.5