Javelin 1.3


Hello RPG fans, today Javelin 1.3 is released!

You can download your copy here and if you’re new to the game you can find more information here.

This release adds a whole new strategic layer to the game. Many new features have been added to that effect, from city building to hiring mercenaries and much more! Hopefully those who are only interested in pure hack-and-slash should find that strategic planning isn’t required to enjoy the game but that it is there for those who want to go one step further. You can read more about this development on the Strategy section.

Release highlights:

* 6 independent, opposing factions to play against at every game!
* City-building, automatic or manual!
* Equippable artifacts!
* 6 new location types to explore on the world map!
* 2 new unique locations: mercenary guild and artificer!
* Skill system, featuring 13 different skills!
* New units can now be acquired by spending XP
* The world map now has to be explored
* Dungeon redesign, featuring traps
* 137 monsters
* 28 items, 33 artifacts
* 53 upgrades, 25 spells, 13 skills

Some effort has been put into making the early game less repetitive and slow but this is probably something that can still be improved upon. You can share your early-game experience and ideas for improvement in a comment here or at our reddit community – it will be highly appreciated!

A few uncommon bugs were reported on earlier versions that could cause the game to be very unfair during battles and sometimes even crash and lose your saved progress. I’m very sorry about that but at least all reported bugs were fixed so far. Thanks to everyone who contacted me about bugs and hopefully this will be a much more stable release.

Since I’ve been asked about the short-term plans for Javelin’s future: the idea now is to add more content (mostly spells and items) in future 1.x releases until I can find time (or help) to modernize the entire user interface for 2.0.

Thanks to all who took an interest in the project so far – this release tries to cover some of the feedback that was put out by all of you! Keep your thoughts coming and happy gaming 🙂

Javelin 1.3

12 thoughts on “Javelin 1.3

  1. Greg says:

    First crash of a new version.

    Exception in thread “Thread-2” java.lang.RuntimeException: Unknown possibility:
    at javelin.model.unit.Combatant.getStatus(Combatant.java:368)
    at javelin.view.screen.WorldScreen.showstatusinformation(WorldScreen.jav
    at javelin.view.screen.WorldScreen.updateplayerinformation(WorldScreen.j
    at javelin.view.screen.WorldScreen.step(WorldScreen.java:177)
    at javelin.JavelinApp.run(JavelinApp.java:94)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)


    1. Greg says:

      Forgot to add that the former happened after the end of a battle. This one happened after I chose to avoid a battle in a dungeon. It resulted in the hud getting mixed up with the avoidance message and the party.

      Exception in thread “Thread-2” java.lang.Error: Thing in wrong place!
      at javelin.model.BattleMap.removeThing(BattleMap.java:1137)
      at javelin.controller.action.world.WorldMove.place(WorldMove.java:89)
      at javelin.controller.action.world.WorldMove.perform(WorldMove.java:78)
      at javelin.view.screen.WorldScreen.convertEventToAction(WorldScreen.java
      at javelin.view.screen.WorldScreen.humanTurn(WorldScreen.java:92)
      at javelin.view.screen.BattleScreen.step(BattleScreen.java:206)
      at javelin.view.screen.WorldScreen.step(WorldScreen.java:178)
      at javelin.JavelinApp.run(JavelinApp.java:94)
      at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)


      1. Thanks, the stack traces you pasted really help a bunch! These look like a bit of challenge to debug but I’ll take a look into them tomorrow and create a bugfix release if necessary. I trust these were solved by closing and restarting the game?


  2. Greg says:

    On ethink I’d like to note so far is that the game’s start actually feels slower due to how much it costs to rest at a town even without a hotel. Though it’s at least nice you can still rest there even without money. Best way to get off of the ground very early in the game so far seems to be spending exp for more party members. Just noticed something though. Resting at a hotel is costing 6 gold instead of it’s listed value at 3.


    1. I’ve also added a one-time-use-only option to The Temple of Haxor that will make him lend you some money to help the early game as well. Let me know if you have any other ideas since you’re becoming somewhat of a Javelin expert as well 🙂

      The extra money charged by the hotel is probably a once-per-day cost of food, as per d20 rules. You will notice that it happens while you walk around the map as well, when the current day changes to the next. If you think that is not the case tell me but here the hotel seems to be working as intended…


  3. Greg says:

    Oh, I didn’t see your reply. Restarting the game sent it back into that weird state when it loaded the save the first time it happened. Second time I actually killed the process and it loaded the save normally. And as for the resting thing it only seems to work like that for resting without the hotel. I found out the hotel only takes the rest of your money.


    1. Thanks for the follow-up. The earlier bugs you sent me should be fixed in the new bug-fix release, make sure to check it out mate 🙂 Let me know if you have any more trouble too!


  4. esran says:

    Casting greater teleport or word of recall as a spell seems to break the game consistently. At least it doesn’t currupt the save. It exits with the error message every time I try to cast it from the map, I havent tried from battle.


    1. Thanks for the feedback, I’ll work on it as soon as possible! Should be an easy fix. A new version should be coming out relatively soon so I’ll make sure to include this fix on it! Keep an eye on the website or our subreddit 🙂


    2. Hi Esran, this seems to be working fine here so probably something about your current game progress was breaking these spells. Next time you find this happening please run Javelin using a terminal (command: java -jar javelin.jar) or by using javelin.bat (if you’re on Windows) and then send me a screenshot of the error message. I know this sounds like a bit of work but it will help fix the game for yourself and other players!

      I’ll also see what I can do about making error messages easier to report on future versions of the game…


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